Severus Snape's wand

The wand of the half blood prince

snape wand versionsWe used our usual way to make the model: we used every available information - including screen caps - to make the model as close to the original as possible. This time, however, there was not too much information available. Not even the length of the wand is given in the book.

Just to show you some insight how the model making works, we took this picture. It shows the three versions of the wand we printed. The top one was the first version, but it was too thin. We forgot to take picture of it before we glued it together and that was the time we realized it is not the right one. The middle one is thicker. It is not right either so we made a third one which has a thiner handle with the thicker end and it looks quite good.

snape wand paintedThe painting went the usual way too: base coat, acrylic paint and finish.

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