Raven wand

Yet another unique wand design - a tribute to Ravenclaw

Raven wand piecesThis wand is special in a sense that this is the first wand we designed to answer a request from a fan. The request was simple: design a wand with some kind of raven pattern on it.

Raven wand designWe came up with several sketches and showed it to the customer. And this is not the wand he liked the most - this is the wand we liked the most. We will make the wand he liked too, but we started with this - even before we showed it to him.

Raven wand textWe tried to put a short text on the shaft, but didn't turn out well, so we removed it later.

Raven wand paintAs you can see on the pictures, the design is relatively simple: a raven head and body with the shaft of the wand.

Raven wandWith the raven design the color bound to be black - with just a touch of brown to make it more wand like. The painting was the usual: base layer, acrylic paint and several layers of varnish.

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Raven wand

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