Dumbledore's elder wand has been fixed

We had to fix several problems in the model

fixed piecesIt was more than a year ago when we first wrote about the elder wand. As we stated in that article the model was not perfect. The problems with the model blocked us to make that wand available as a kit. But more than a year later we decided we fix the model. Our knowledge in 3D modeling increased tremendously, so the fixing was easier than expected.

On sale

  • Bellatrix Lestrange's wand
    „This is the wand that tortured Neville's mum and dad, and who knows how many other people? This is the wand that killed Sirius!”
  • Wand display
    We made a lot of wands - we need a display to hold them
  • Raven wand
    Yet another unique wand design - a tribute to Ravenclaw
  • Memory vial
    Storing memories this way would be very useful
  • Dumbledore's elder wand
    Dumbledore's elder wand is finally finished.