Dumbledore's elder wand

Dumbledore's elder wand is finally finished.

elder wand unpainted It took a long time to create the model with those balls and holes on it. It was hard to make it manifold and slice it to more piceses. The elder wand is 15 inches (38 cm) long, which is much longer we can print.

elder wand unpainted After the model was done we printed it out. It turned out that the model was not as accurate as we thought. It wasn't easy to glue the parts together. With a little sanding here and a little tricking there it was attached together.

elder wand with the runes Because of the inaccurate joins we needed more structure paste and base coat than usual. The wand got a few layers of brown base coat. We have noticed the runes on the wand in the movie, so we painted them on it. We used some screen caps from the movie for this.

elder wand painted We needed to make it look like it were used, darker shades in holes and lighter on tops. The painting is protected with two layers of water proof finnish as usual.

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