Dagger gilding

We continue experimenting with gilding

golden gilded daggerThe dagger is our hardest print. There are lots of faulty prints because of that - some are shifted, some are warped, some are both. They are not good quality enough to sell them.

golden gilded dagger close-upThese daggers can be assembled, just harder then normal. Lots of work and practice to cover everything. So we thought they are good subjects for our experiments with gilding.

golden gilded dagger handleWe used both golden and silver leafs - imitated ones, of course - to try how the different colors work.

silver gilded daggerBoth colors seems to be working, but of course the silver one is the genuine Bellatrix dagger.

The gilded surface is very fragile, so we used varnish for protection.

silver gilded dagger handleWe used some green paint mixed into the varnish to color the handle.

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