Articles of experiment

Dagger gilding

We continue experimenting with gilding

golden gilded dagger

We're still learning about the gilding, but we are better at it every day.

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2016. 05. 14


A way to avoid the time consuming painting

gilded numbers

We came to realize the most time consuming part of 3D printing is the painting of the printed objects.

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2016. 02. 09

Trying out nylon

The third material we used for printing

printing with nylon

After our usual PLA and ABS we tried a new material: nylon.

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2015. 08. 07

Printing in green

We have been printing in golden color for quite some time now - it was time to try something new

green printing

We received a roll of filament for our new printer. The color of it was random and we got a green one.

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2014. 11. 30

Printing in white - again

We had lots of problems printing with white PLA

heap of things printed from white PLA

We tried white PLA again - some things are better printed in white.

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2014. 04. 27

We are still trying to figure out the secrets of the ABS printing

We didn't find the key so far

successes of this week

We continued learning the ABS printing this week.

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2014. 02. 16

First print on the new glass

Finally the new glass has arrived

printing on the new glass

After almost a week of waiting, the new glass has finally arrived!

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2014. 01. 28

Things happened recently

It's good news - bad news time

second try with ABS

We started printing with SD support, tried the ABS printing and broke glass on the printer. All in less then a week!

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2014. 01. 20

The first prints on heated bed

It seems we have to learn 3D printing again

shiny bottom layer

Now we have the first few prints on heated bed and of course the first few mistakes, too. We expected a few hiccups on the first few try, but we didn't expect to learn printing again.

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2013. 12. 10

Sun burn experiment

An experiment regarding the UV stability of the print

PLA burned by the Sun

We started an experiment regarding the UV stability of the PLA print about a month ago.

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2013. 06. 17

Early printings

How we have started - the early failures and successes


Let's talk about the very beginning to make sure no one will give up on the first failures: everyone makes mistakes on the first several tries. And we were not an exception...

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2013. 03. 04

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