We are still trying to figure out the secrets of the ABS printing

We didn't find the key so far

failures of this weekWe continued learning the ABS printing this week. We tried a lot of things, but basically we are back where we were on the previous weekend. It seems the low bed temperature - we tried to print on 85 degrees Celsius - affects the adhesion of the ABS after all. Now we increased the bed temperature to 100 degrees and we made some not that bad prints.

successes of this weekAlthough we have some success, we still decided that we will move back to use PLA for awhile. We have three good reasons to do that. First, we still don't know too much about ABS and a little break of our streak of failures would improve our mood. Second, the air purifier, which we have to use to remove the smell of the ABS, is really noisy and disturbs us. We want to move the printer near the window to get some fresh air, but the long USB cable is still has not yet arrived and the weather is not good enough to open the window for the full time of a print. And third, we need to restock our shop and we are nearly not good enough in ABS to use that for items for sell.

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