Articles of failure

Aftershock of the fix

Was not a long term fix


A week. After a short week the new hotend broke. Literally.

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2015. 10. 01

The first time we had to fix our newer printer

It had been working without problem for ten months

fixing the new printer

We had been using our new printer for ten months when the filament stuck in it.

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2015. 09. 27

Failures to print linklings

We knew it's hard to print, but we didn't expect we would fail

linkling failure

We found the design of a Linkling on Thingiverse and decided to print some for our liking.

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2015. 03. 15

We are trying to fix our printer

We are suffering from the longest unsuccessful printing period of our almost two years of history

still repairing

It has been almost two months since we had a successful print. We have been suffering from different problems since then.

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2014. 09. 20

We fixed the printer - before the replacement arrived

It might be a temporary solution, but at least we can print


Although the replacement hotend did not arrive yet we found a solution for our problem.

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2014. 05. 06

We cannot print - again

This time the hotend's power resistor died

heater block with the dead resistor

We didn't have any problem with the printer recently - now we have.

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2014. 04. 29

We are still trying to figure out the secrets of the ABS printing

We didn't find the key so far

successes of this week

We continued learning the ABS printing this week.

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2014. 02. 16

First printings from ABS

Fine tuning of the ABS printing

results of the ABS printing

We spent the whole weekend trying to set up our printer for ABS printing.

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2014. 02. 09

Things happened recently

It's good news - bad news time

second try with ABS

We started printing with SD support, tried the ABS printing and broke glass on the printer. All in less then a week!

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2014. 01. 20

Problems again

Serious issues again

the victim

A not so short story where we started with a small problem which quickly turned into a big issue.

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2013. 12. 24

The first prints on heated bed

It seems we have to learn 3D printing again

shiny bottom layer

Now we have the first few prints on heated bed and of course the first few mistakes, too. We expected a few hiccups on the first few try, but we didn't expect to learn printing again.

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2013. 12. 10

The main board stopped working

After we finally fixed the problem with the always sticking filament something else has broken

The board dis-assembled

Unfortunately after a few days of trying to figure out how can we print with the white filament, the central electronic has stopped working suddenly.

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2013. 08. 04

Yet another maintenance - with a twist

Cleaning the hobbed bar and replacing the pusher motor

cleaning the pusher

After some debate we decided there could be only two reasons of the regular stuck of the filament: the hobbed bar and the weak pusher motor. It turned out we were wrong...

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2013. 07. 30

Recent problems

We have some serious problems with the printer, that's why there is the silence from us in the last few weeks


We have a few ongoing serious problems which prevent from printing right now.

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2013. 07. 06

A planned, but not planned maintenance

How we spent the afternoon on Easter Sunday


A little problem turned into huge because we always postponed a long needed maintenance.

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2013. 04. 01


Even a firmware upgrade doesn't go without problems

failures of the upgrade

We upgraded our printers firmware to the latest of available - but it didn't went smoothly.

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2013. 03. 27

Recent failures

Not everything is perfect


If you think everything works smoothly for all the time for us - you are wrong.

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2013. 03. 07

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