Aftershock of the fix

Was not a long term fix

in placeJust over a week after we fixed our new printer we were welcomed by this picture. We had little doubt what happened: the isolator had broken.

disassembledThis is how it looked after we removed the plastic which had covered everything and had disassembled the pusher.

piecesAnd this is what really happened: the isolator had broken into half. Just as we suspected at the first glance. We already contacted the supplier to address the problem. In the meantime we are looking for some solution to be able to print.

On sale

  • Bellatrix Lestrange's wand
    „This is the wand that tortured Neville's mum and dad, and who knows how many other people? This is the wand that killed Sirius!”
  • Shrunken head
    Yes, it was inspired by the Harry Potter movie too
  • Second raven wand
    The second raven wand design - a tribute to Ravenclaw
  • Dagger gilding
    We continue experimenting with gilding
  • Wand display
    We made a lot of wands - we need a display to hold them