We bought yet another printer - an Anycubic Chiron this time

Because there's no such thing as too many printers

Chiron - first print

We bought a familiar yet different printer this time.

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2021. 01. 17

Story of a stamp

Being eco-friendly needs some planning


Taking a small step to be more environmentally friendly.

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2016. 08. 13

Our third printer is a Reprap Prusa i3

Building a 3D printer is almost a routine now

Unboxing our third printer

Building a 3D printer is always exciting.

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2016. 07. 25

The gilding process

A little bit more detail about how the gilding works

The result of the gilding

Let's talk about how to do the gilding in a bit more detail.

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2016. 05. 31

Aftershock of the fix

Was not a long term fix


A week. After a short week the new hotend broke. Literally.

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2015. 10. 01

The first time we had to fix our newer printer

It had been working without problem for ten months

fixing the new printer

We had been using our new printer for ten months when the filament stuck in it.

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2015. 09. 27

Trying out nylon

The third material we used for printing

printing with nylon

After our usual PLA and ABS we tried a new material: nylon.

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2015. 08. 07

The old printer works again

After replacing the hotend and the heated bed the old printer back in prime condition again

the old printer works again

We had several problems with our old printer, but we solved all of them one by one.

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2015. 03. 25

The happenings of the last few days

We had been busy recently

new hotend

Cooling problems, new hotend and an unexpected accident. All within three days.

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2015. 02. 09

Hotend problem again

We still have problems with the old printer

hotend problem, again

We rarely printed with the old printer recently, because we had problems with it.

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2015. 01. 26

Printing in green

We have been printing in golden color for quite some time now - it was time to try something new

green printing

We received a roll of filament for our new printer. The color of it was random and we got a green one.

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2014. 11. 30

Our second printer has been built

After only 20 days of building the printer is ready to go

first print 1

We spent 5 months to build our first printer, but we managed to build our second one within 3 weeks.

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2014. 10. 13

We are trying to fix our printer

We are suffering from the longest unsuccessful printing period of our almost two years of history

still repairing

It has been almost two months since we had a successful print. We have been suffering from different problems since then.

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2014. 09. 20

New filament holder

We had problems with the old holder at the end of the roll

filament holder

We had problems with the old filament holder when the roll was almost empyt, because it wasn't heavy enough. When we found a simple filament holder solution on Thingiverse we decided to try it.

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2014. 08. 31

Replacing the old pusher

It was time

replaced pusher

We finally replaced the old pusher which was already pretty worn.

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2014. 07. 03

We fixed the printer - before the replacement arrived

It might be a temporary solution, but at least we can print


Although the replacement hotend did not arrive yet we found a solution for our problem.

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2014. 05. 06

We cannot print - again

This time the hotend's power resistor died

heater block with the dead resistor

We didn't have any problem with the printer recently - now we have.

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2014. 04. 29

Printing in white - again

We had lots of problems printing with white PLA

heap of things printed from white PLA

We tried white PLA again - some things are better printed in white.

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2014. 04. 27

A bit of a problem again

The pusher needs to be replaced

broken gear

Recently we saw several times that the pusher stuck. It turned out the problem was not the power of the motors this time.

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2014. 04. 08

Consequences of a bad customer

We had to make some hard decisions

new prints

Just as we expected, Paypal decided in favour of the buyer.

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2014. 03. 08

We ship worldwide

Our map of countries where we have already shipped starts to become impressive


As soon as we started to sell items on Ebay we started this map.

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2014. 03. 03

We had our first bad selling experience

Selling is not always a fairy tale

new prints

We were printing whole week to restock our eBay store, and had the first really bad customer during that.

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2014. 03. 01

We are still trying to figure out the secrets of the ABS printing

We didn't find the key so far

successes of this week

We continued learning the ABS printing this week.

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2014. 02. 16

First printings from ABS

Fine tuning of the ABS printing

results of the ABS printing

We spent the whole weekend trying to set up our printer for ABS printing.

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2014. 02. 09

First print on the new glass

Finally the new glass has arrived

printing on the new glass

After almost a week of waiting, the new glass has finally arrived!

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2014. 01. 28

Things happened recently

It's good news - bad news time

second try with ABS

We started printing with SD support, tried the ABS printing and broke glass on the printer. All in less then a week!

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2014. 01. 20

Problems again

Serious issues again

the victim

A not so short story where we started with a small problem which quickly turned into a big issue.

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2013. 12. 24

The first prints on heated bed

It seems we have to learn 3D printing again

shiny bottom layer

Now we have the first few prints on heated bed and of course the first few mistakes, too. We expected a few hiccups on the first few try, but we didn't expect to learn printing again.

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2013. 12. 10

Finally printing on heated bed!

After weeks of waiting and building our heated bed is ready

the first test print using the kapton tape

After more then a month of waiting the kapton tape has arrived. And now we have everything to fully use our printer with the heated bed. Hurray!

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2013. 12. 07

Upgrading our printer

Heated bed and other improvements

the heated bed

We are upgrading our printer right now by setting up a heated bed. This will help to print without the double sided tape and finally being able to print from ABS.

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2013. 11. 17

We started to build our second printer

Yes, we print our next printer


We suspected for quite some time that one printer is not enough. Now, we know.

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2013. 10. 03

We solved the problem!

We panicked a little, but fortunately we could solve the problem

The board dis-assembled

With lots of constructive help from our friends we finally found and solve the problem of the electric board.

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2013. 08. 05

The main board stopped working

After we finally fixed the problem with the always sticking filament something else has broken

The board dis-assembled

Unfortunately after a few days of trying to figure out how can we print with the white filament, the central electronic has stopped working suddenly.

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2013. 08. 04

Printing in white

We tried the cursed white filament again - with a half success

white print

After we had figured out the reason of our struggling with the filament, we tried again the white filament.

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2013. 08. 02

Yet another maintenance - with a twist

Cleaning the hobbed bar and replacing the pusher motor

cleaning the pusher

After some debate we decided there could be only two reasons of the regular stuck of the filament: the hobbed bar and the weak pusher motor. It turned out we were wrong...

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2013. 07. 30

Yet another maintenance

The new heater block has arrived

The new heater block

When the new heater block has arrived we could start to install it and of course made some other necessary maintenance.

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2013. 07. 14

Recent problems

We have some serious problems with the printer, that's why there is the silence from us in the last few weeks


We have a few ongoing serious problems which prevent from printing right now.

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2013. 07. 06

Sun burn experiment

An experiment regarding the UV stability of the print

PLA burned by the Sun

We started an experiment regarding the UV stability of the PLA print about a month ago.

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2013. 06. 17

Harry Potter style door number

Yes, we live in the door number thirteen


Of course as we are a 3D printing couple we need a 3D printed door number. And what would fit to us more than a Harry Potter style door number?

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2013. 05. 20

Softwares in 3D printing

What softwares you will need to print with a 3D printer?


Everyone knows the hardware is necessary for 3D printing, but the software part is just as important! The software setup is just as much trouble as building the hardware.

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2013. 04. 16

Lizard and other news

Recent news and the lizard


We still have some difficulties with the printer: we tried the printing with the white filament again, fast printing and other recent news.

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2013. 04. 11

A planned, but not planned maintenance

How we spent the afternoon on Easter Sunday


A little problem turned into huge because we always postponed a long needed maintenance.

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2013. 04. 01

Pygmy puff instruction

Pygmy puff assembly instruction

pygmy puff instructions

Step-by-step instrutions for making pygmy puffs.

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2022. 01. 21


Even a firmware upgrade doesn't go without problems

failures of the upgrade

We upgraded our printers firmware to the latest of available - but it didn't went smoothly.

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2013. 03. 27

Giant cauldron

Our heaviest and longest print so far

cauldron with a cd

A big cauldron goes well with our other wizard world things, so we decided to print a cauldron.

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2013. 03. 25

Hogwarts castle as a pet-house

Introducing our big-big 3D printing project

model of Hogwarts

This was one of the reasons for building the printer: we wanted to build a really good looking pet-house to our turtles. Lots of parts, lots of printing, lots of painting.

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2013. 03. 24

Is it printable?

How to check if a model is printable


Creating a 3D model which looks good is hard. Creating a 3D model which is printable is even harder. This article helps you how you can tell if a model is printable or not.

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2013. 03. 10

Recent failures

Not everything is perfect


If you think everything works smoothly for all the time for us - you are wrong.

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2013. 03. 07

Christmas trees

The way we celebrated the holiday

christmas trees

Two trees printed for Christmas - just before Christmas.

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2013. 03. 07

Starting the page

Finally, the day has come when we launched the PrintingIn3D page!


We had been building our printer for half a year; we have been printing things for months; and now after designing and programming for weeks, we finally launched the page.

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2013. 03. 02

On sale