Consequences of a bad customer

We had to make some hard decisions

new printsLast time we wrote about our bad customer, and now we know the result of the case as well. Not surprisingly Paypal decided to fully refund the buyer. We exchanged several emails with Ebay and Paypal and their suggestion was to use tracked shipping to avoid these issues. Unfortunately the tracked shipping is so expensive compared to our current items that it is simply not a feasible solution. No one would buy from us if we raise the shipping cost by $3.5 for an item worth $1.5.

So, we had to find another solution. And we came up with an easy solution - and it is not that we close our shop. We include an insurance in our prices, to cover these losses. Yes, that means our good customers will pay the price of the bad customers, but it is still cheaper than the tracked shipping. So the bad news is: we will increase all of our prices.

In the meantime we are working on bigger products where tracked shipping is a natural choice. We really hope we can come up a few items in the near future.

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