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Sword of Gryffindor

Sword in hand

We had to make the sword too.

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Second raven wand

Raven wand finished

Two raven wands in a row.

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Raven wand

Raven wand

Wand making is our favourite past time.

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Memory vial

Vial glowing

This time making the model and print it was the easy part.

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Luna Lovegood's second wand

Luna's wand painted

Luna's wand now, but we are working on other wands right now.

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Dagger gilding

golden gilded dagger

We're still learning about the gilding, but we are better at it every day.

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remembrall painted and assembled

A perfect gift for a forgetful spouse.

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New, improved pygmy puff

new pygmy puff

It was a lot of work to make a pygmy puff, so we had to find an easier solution.

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McGonagall's wand

McGonagall's wand painted

Back to the Harry Potter universe - Minerva McGonagall's wand.

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Spiral wand

spiral wand painted

A special wand with a special origin.

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Hermione Granger's wand

Hermione's wand painted

And yet another wand from the Harry Potter Universe.

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Celtic wand

celtic wand handle painted

After so many replicas, we made our own design again.

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Severus Snape's wand

snape wand painted

Another new wand and from the Harry Potter universe too. It is our fifth wand.

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Shrunken head

shrunken head finished

Now this guards our entrance door.

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The useful Golden Snitch

golden snitch together

We thought we try something new with this old design.

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Dumbledore's elder wand has been fixed

fixed pieces

We fixed the model for the elder wand.

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Bellatrix Lestrange's wand

bellatrix wand painted

After we recreated two famous wands from the Harry Potter universe we decided to print another one, infamous this time.

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Big brother for our pygmy family

giant pygmy puff

We got several review complaining that our pygmy puff is too small. We still think that is the right size, but we created a bigger size.

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Dumbledore's elder wand

elder wand painted

Dumbledore's 15 inches (38 cm) long elder wand is finnished.

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Harry Potter style door number


Of course as we are a 3D printing couple we need a 3D printed door number. And what would fit to us more than a Harry Potter style door number?

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Wand display

the finished wand display with two wands

After we finished our third wand we had to realize we need something to hold and display them - of course we printed a wand-display!

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Pygmy puff instruction

pygmy puff instructions

Step-by-step instrutions for making pygmy puffs.

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Pygmy Puff

brown pygmy puff

After the Weasley twins we have created our Pygmy Puffs.

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Voldemort's wand

painted Voldemort wand

After weeks of investigation and modelling, finally the wand had been printed. We checked other replicas and screen used props to create the 3D model perfect.

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