Second raven wand

The second raven wand design - a tribute to Ravenclaw

Raven wand piecesAs we mentioned in our previous article, we had a request for a raven themed wand, but that wand was not the one was chosen by the customer. This wand is.

Raven wand glued togetherThis wand is raven styled too, but in a different way. First there are feather patterns on the handle of the wand.

Raven wand detailsSecond there's a small raven hugging the handle of the wand.

Raven wand painted detailsThe raven was so small that we decided to paint it to a different color that the wand itself to make it more prominent. The raven must've been black, so the wand became the classic wand color: brown.

Raven wand finishedThe end result is actually much better then we foresaw, but we still like the other wand better.

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