Articles of Harry Potter


We tried Harry Potter in Lego this time

Thestral mounted

Of course we started printing Harry Potter related things with our new printer immediately.

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2019. 06. 13

Sword of Gryffindor

Our biggest challenge from the Harry Potter universe so far

Sword in hand

We had to make the sword too.

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2017. 02. 19

Second raven wand

The second raven wand design - a tribute to Ravenclaw

Raven wand finished

Two raven wands in a row.

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2017. 01. 14

Raven wand

Yet another unique wand design - a tribute to Ravenclaw

Raven wand

Wand making is our favourite past time.

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2017. 01. 14

Memory vial

Storing memories this way would be very useful

Vial glowing

This time making the model and print it was the easy part.

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2016. 09. 12

Ron Weasley's wand

Ron's first wand - which he broke his second year in Hogwarts

Ron's wand after the paint job

This is one of the simplest wand we have made so far.

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2016. 06. 30

Harry Potter's wand

Harry Potter has owned several different wands, though only this wand is considered truly his

Harry's wand painted

We made Harry's wand the usual way.

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2016. 06. 26

Luna Lovegood's second wand

There are lots of wands in the Harry Potter Universe

Luna's wand painted

Luna's wand now, but we are working on other wands right now.

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2016. 06. 16

Dagger gilding

We continue experimenting with gilding

golden gilded dagger

We're still learning about the gilding, but we are better at it every day.

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2016. 05. 14


A way to avoid the time consuming painting

gilded numbers

We came to realize the most time consuming part of 3D printing is the painting of the printed objects.

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2016. 02. 09


We didn't forget to make it

remembrall painted and assembled

A perfect gift for a forgetful spouse.

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2015. 10. 06


"What did you expect? Pumpkin Juice?"

finished skelegro

It was inevitable we would do this.

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2017. 05. 27

New, improved pygmy puff

We ordered genuine fur balls to improve on the old model

new pygmy puff

It was a lot of work to make a pygmy puff, so we had to find an easier solution.

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2022. 01. 21

McGonagall's wand

Minerva McGonagall's wand from the Harry Potter universe

McGonagall's wand painted

Back to the Harry Potter universe - Minerva McGonagall's wand.

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2015. 07. 18

Hermione Granger's wand

Our eighth wand

Hermione's wand painted

And yet another wand from the Harry Potter Universe.

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2015. 04. 06

Cage for our pygmy puffs

We have several pygmys, so it was just a matter of time to make them a cage

cage finished

We made a nice cage for our pygmys just to display them nicely.

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2022. 01. 21

Severus Snape's wand

The wand of the half blood prince

snape wand painted

Another new wand and from the Harry Potter universe too. It is our fifth wand.

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2015. 02. 18

Shrunken head

Yes, it was inspired by the Harry Potter movie too

shrunken head finished

Now this guards our entrance door.

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2015. 01. 18

The useful Golden Snitch

We improved our previous design

golden snitch together

We thought we try something new with this old design.

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2015. 01. 16

Dumbledore's elder wand has been fixed

We had to fix several problems in the model

fixed pieces

We fixed the model for the elder wand.

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2015. 01. 06

Mini sorting hat

„Oh you may not think I'm pretty, but don't judge on what you see, I'll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me”

the mini sorting hat

Another Harry Potter item.

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2014. 12. 07

Deluminator as a PEZ dispenser

„It looked like a silver cigarette lighter, but it had, he knew, the power to suck all light from a place, and restore it, with a simple click”

finished deluminator

As you should already realized we are a great fan of Harry Potter. Now we created yet another item from the Harry Potter universe. This time it is not just a decoration, but a real PEZ dispenser.

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2014. 11. 23

Hufflepuff luggage tag

It's almost sure you won't see a suitcase with a similar tag

painted luggage tag

Yet another item from the Harry Potter universe

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2014. 11. 15

Bellatrix Lestrange's wand

„This is the wand that tortured Neville's mum and dad, and who knows how many other people? This is the wand that killed Sirius!”

bellatrix wand painted

After we recreated two famous wands from the Harry Potter universe we decided to print another one, infamous this time.

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2014. 11. 09

Monster book of monsters

Monster book of monsters

finished monster book of monsters

This was our scariest print ever.

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2014. 11. 02

Big brother for our pygmy family

It was a public demand for an even bigger pygmy puff

giant pygmy puff

We got several review complaining that our pygmy puff is too small. We still think that is the right size, but we created a bigger size.

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2022. 01. 21

Our quill set is complete

Ink bottle, quill and pen holder

quill set

We completed our ink bottle with a quill and a pen holder.

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2014. 05. 12


You saw it on our cover, because we printed it months ago, just never write about it...

fully assembled sneakoscope

You could have read about it in the Harry Potter book, and now here it is.

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2014. 04. 19

Big brother in our pygmy puff family

We built a bigger version of our pygmy puff


Now, we have three pygmy puffs - and the new arrival is much bigger then the previous two.

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2022. 01. 21

The Golden Snitch

This object has played an important role in the Harry Potter movies

painted Golden Snitch

It makes a good addition to our ever growing Harry Potter collection.

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2013. 11. 11

Harry Potter style ink bottle

It fits into our Harry Potter collection quite well

ink bottle painted

We wanted an ink bottle which will fit into our Harry Potter collection.

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2013. 10. 23

Progress in the last few week

Yet another set of issues with the printer


After we fixed the issue with the main board another set of problems arrived...

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2013. 08. 23

Hogwarts castle staus report

Half way during the building of Hogwarts castle

Hogwarts castle

There is a big progress on our most complex project.

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2013. 08. 11

Dumbledore's elder wand

Dumbledore's elder wand is finally finished.

elder wand painted

Dumbledore's 15 inches (38 cm) long elder wand is finnished.

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2013. 05. 23

Harry Potter style door number

Yes, we live in the door number thirteen


Of course as we are a 3D printing couple we need a 3D printed door number. And what would fit to us more than a Harry Potter style door number?

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2013. 05. 20

Pewter cauldron

Pewter cauldron is finished.


A big pewter cauldron is one of our wizard world things.

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2013. 04. 24

Wand display

We made a lot of wands - we need a display to hold them

the finished wand display with two wands

After we finished our third wand we had to realize we need something to hold and display them - of course we printed a wand-display!

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2013. 04. 04

Pygmy puff instruction

Pygmy puff assembly instruction

pygmy puff instructions

Step-by-step instrutions for making pygmy puffs.

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2022. 01. 21

Giant cauldron

Our heaviest and longest print so far

cauldron with a cd

A big cauldron goes well with our other wizard world things, so we decided to print a cauldron.

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2013. 03. 25

Hogwarts castle as a pet-house

Introducing our big-big 3D printing project

model of Hogwarts

This was one of the reasons for building the printer: we wanted to build a really good looking pet-house to our turtles. Lots of parts, lots of printing, lots of painting.

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2013. 03. 24

Pygmy Puff

Our new pet is a pygmy puff

brown pygmy puff

After the Weasley twins we have created our Pygmy Puffs.

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2022. 01. 21

Early printings

How we have started - the early failures and successes


Let's talk about the very beginning to make sure no one will give up on the first failures: everyone makes mistakes on the first several tries. And we were not an exception...

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2013. 03. 04

Voldemort's wand

Voldemort's wand has been finished!

painted Voldemort wand

After weeks of investigation and modelling, finally the wand had been printed. We checked other replicas and screen used props to create the 3D model perfect.

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2013. 03. 03

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