We tried Harry Potter in Lego this time

Thestral print still on printerIf you saw or read the Harry Potter stories you've heard of the thestrals. They are skeletal, winged horses and can only be seen by those who have witnessed death.

This nice green coloured resin was part of the printer set. It gives an interesting glow to the prints, but very hard to paint it, so we are already experimenting with other colours.

Thestral print finishedPrinting with the SLA printer is an interesting experience: you don't see the result till it's finished. So it's always a surprise how it turns out. This one was perfect, so we were very happy.

But it's not easy to remove it from the base and you have to be careful with the resin, because it has a very strong odour. After the print is finished we wait several hours and clean the result with alcohol to remove any remaining resin.

Thestral mountedThe thestral can be mounted by a minifig, like a horse.

Thestral with wingsOr you can add the wings. Of course we don't have the right Lego piece to mount the wing horizontally yet, so this is not the end of the thestral project.

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