Our prices

We offer 3D printing to everyone

It is really easy to calculate our prices: we print from PLA for $0.20/gramm of printing. The minimum payment is $1 and this does not include the shipping costs.

But how can you tell what will be the wieght of the product you can ask. There's a very good approximation: you multiple the printing volume of the product in cm3 by 1.2 - which means the density of PLA is about 1.2 g/cm3.

And how can you tell the printing volume of the model you ask? Well, you can use the Slic3r software which we are using to slice the model. This will generate a gcode file - and at the end of this file there is the printing volume of the model. Please keep in mind we most probably use different settings then the default of the software so the result will only be an approximation, but a really good one. And during this process you could be sure your model is printable

Of course this will be only an approximation - you can always infoprintingin3deuask us to give you an offer. And if you want to print in bulk you should contact us to talk about the prices - maybe we could give you a discount.

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