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Pygmy puff assembly instruction

pygmy head instruction First of all, you will need a fur ball. We used an about 25-cm-long and 6-cm-width artifical fur for the fur ball, but it can be ordered as a ball as well. For the printed parts, the back and front part of the head should be attached together with super glue.

painted pygmy puff parts For better results a base coat can be used. All plastic parts should be painted with acrylic or model paint. Use more layers if needed. To reach a more lifelike effect, use matt finish everywhere except the eyeballs. On eyes shiny finish has to be used.

pygmy puff instructions There are hooks on the legs and the back of the head. The parts can be fixed to the furball with thread by the hook. Since the hook is fragile, it is advised to use hot glue also. This will fix them in the right position.

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