Deluminator as a PEZ dispenser

„It looked like a silver cigarette lighter, but it had, he knew, the power to suck all light from a place, and restore it, with a simple click”

base coat of deluminatorAs you should've already realized we are a great fan of Harry Potter. Now we created yet another item from the Harry Potter universe. This time it is not just a decoration, but a real PEZ dispenser.

After several tries we finally finished the model. We made a perfect body on the first try, but needed several iterations of fine tuning to have the head move freely and work as expected.

The trick of the item is that it has a real PEZ dispenser inside of it. It means the actual dispenser is the same as a real PEZ one, because that's removed from a real PEZ dispenser. The disassembly of a PEZ dispenser is tricky, we followed these instructions.

finished deluminatorThe painting went the usual way: base coat, acrylic paint and acrylic finish. This time the paint was tricky with the complicated pattern, but after so many models painted it went quite well.

The assembly was the reverse of the disassemble mentioned above.

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