Hermione Granger's wand

Our eighth wand

Hermione's wand piecesMaking the model for the Hermione wand was a very long process. We have lots of experience with wand making, but this was the most complex wand we made so far.

Close photo of Hermione's wandThe base of tha wand is very simple - no handle, just a simple bar. But there are many little details in the pattern, which made very hard to make the model.

According to the book, the wand is 10 and 3/4 inches long, which is about 27 cm. We chose to make the wand this long despite the fact that Hermione's wand is clearly longer in the movie. We plan to make a longer version later, but for a start we stuck to the book.

Hermione's wand paintedThe painting process was the usual: several layers of base coat, acrylic paint and a few layers of finish.

Details of Hermione's wand after it has been paintedWe had to take care of the details during the paint too. It made the painting a bit more difficult, but not as much as creating the model difficult.

Hermione's wand in handWhen it is in hand it is clear that the wand used in the movies is a bit longer. Our estimation is that that is 30% longer.

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