Monster book of monsters

Monster book of monsters

pieces of the monster book of monstersWe created the design of the the monster book of monsters based on the box we printed. We had to add a few teeth, eyes and some text on the top, based on screen caps from the movie.

We started to print it months ago, but because of the problems we already wrote about, we had to wait to our new printer to print the bottom part. That's the reason why the top is already painted on this picture. We printed the top part more than a month before the bottom part - just before our problems had started.

base coat on the bottom partAfter the first print, we had to modify the model, because the top and bottom did not fit. But the next print was finally successful.

We used our usual and proven way to paint everything: several layers of acrylic base coat, even more layers of acrylic paint and than one or two layers of acrylic finish.

finished monster book of monstersThe painted monster book of monster would look scary if it would be bigger, but it is small - fits into your palm - so it is more cute than scary.

The hardest part of the assembly was to clear the hinges of the box. This is a flaw in the design - with five hinges it's hard to reach the middle one with any tool, but the result looks much better with five hinges instead of four. Finally we used hot steel wire to clear the hinges, just like we did with the original box. And we used a similar wire as an axis in the finished box.

open monster book of monstersDispite of the outlook, this is still a very useful box and we store stickers in it, just like we store stickers in our other box we printed.

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