Cage for our pygmy puffs

We have several pygmys, so it was just a matter of time to make them a cage

cage piecesWe started the pygmy cage project almost immediately after we finished our first pygmy puff. We needed several tries to create the model. We had problems with the size of the holes and took some time to figure out how we can create the door.

cage assemblyIt took much more time to paint the pieces. And after that was ready we were so busy this project had to wait. But after a few months - which we used to make our new printer - we got back to this one. To assemble the pieces we used superglue as usual, but this time we used steel wire too.

cage doorAs it was already mentioned, the door was an especially complicated part of the model. In the end we decided to use this simple solution: one of the wire is the turning axis for the door. Simple and looks good.

cage gluingWe used superglue to attach the wire to the plastic pieces. This way the cage is more rigid and stable.

cage topIn the final design - we changed that part as well - the top part was made by two pieces. We glued the wires into the bottom part, cut the top of the wires and glued the top part on it. This way the structure is strong enough to hold the weight of the whole cage.

cage finishedAnd here is the result with two pygmys who have already occupied there new home. Of course they are not really upset, because the door is not locked.

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