Hogwarts castle staus report

Half way during the building of Hogwarts castle

Hogwarts castle There is a big progress on Hogwarts castle. From this angle it looks like it is finished. Though the third, missing tower gives us away. The front and the right side of the walls and the right side of the roof are ready.

Hogwarts close-up On the close-up it can be seen, that the walls and windows are fully painted. We tried to add some shadows to make it look older.

Hogwarts roof On the picture of the roof there are only two towers. The third should be on the back side of the castle which is still completely missing.

Hogwarts unfinished roof Here is time for the truth. The other side of the roof has its cardboard out. It can be seen, that the roof is made from smaller parts and they are glued to the cardboard.

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