Ron Weasley's wand

Ron's first wand - which he broke his second year in Hogwarts

Ron's wand piecesThis is one of the simplest wand we have made so far. And the first Harry Potter wand made by JavaSCAD.

the handle of Ron's wandThere's only two little gap on the wand, otherwise it is as clean and simple as it can be.

Ron's wand after the paint jobWe glued it together the usual way. This is the first time we made an error during the gluing. It seems the overlap was a bit too small this time which made the composition a tad tougher than the usual.

Ron's wand after the paint jobThe painting was the usual: base coat, several layers of acrylic paint and varnish to protect the paint.

Ron's wand after the paint jobWe only provide the STL files here, because this wand consists of several files on the Java side. You can get the source - and other examples - from our new repository: JavaSCAD models.

You can download the models of this story below.

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