We started to build our second printer

Yes, we print our next printer

partsIt is not a secret that we have lots of problems with our printer. We don't think a home made 3D printer could be as reliable as a commercial one. So we decided to build another one to make sure one of the two is always ready to print, even when one of them is under heavy maintenance.

The first step to build a printer is to print its plastic parts. There are literally hundreds of parts need to be printed. The parts on the picture is a small fraction of the required parts - we printed only the six parts of the frame and a few things for the X axis.

vert bearingTo make sure everything is okay with the printed parts and to reduce the tiring part of the assembly, we've already started to assembly those parts of the printer which are already printed. As for now this is the only part which is assembled and even this is not complete, because we need to buy bearings to finish it. But it's a start: we plan to finish our new printer during the winter holidays - let's hope we will succeed.

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