Story of a stamp

Being eco-friendly needs some planning

stamp-moldWhen we sell our items we used plastic bags to store the pieces. It was practical and professional looking. But not environmentally friendly at all.

stamp-sideWe switched to paper bags months ago, but that created a new problem. We have a nice stock of printed kits now to make the running of our micro-shop possible. When we used plastic bags we stored the pieces in the same bag what we sold them with. When we switched to paper bags we tried to continue that, but without seeing the piece itself it was hard to tell what is in the bag without actually opening it.

stamp-handleOf course we could use a simple pencil or pen to label the bags, but what would have been the challenge in that? So instead we made stamps for the labels. Of course we 3D printed the molds then used silicone to create the actual stamp. The back of the stamp and its handle was 3D printed too.

stampTurned out better than expected. Now we stamp our paper bags and made a step to be a bit more environmentally friendly.

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