A realistic candle

No chance of fire, but still looks like the real one

candle piecesWe created the model for this in two pieces. To help it to stick to the bed we added a full layer at the bottom. Of course we removed that after the print has been finished.

candle with holderAnd here is the trick: we used a batter operated tealight candle to provide the perfect illusion of the candle. The printed parts are actually a candle looking candle holder.

Of course a real tealight candle would fit as well, but the risk of fire would be too high. The PLA, which we use for the printing, has a very low autoignition temperature: around 340 Celsius.

candle lightAnd here is the candle with the light on - of course the real one is still better, but it still does the trick.

On sale

  • Bellatrix Lestrange's wand
    „This is the wand that tortured Neville's mum and dad, and who knows how many other people? This is the wand that killed Sirius!”
  • Memory vial
    Storing memories this way would be very useful
  • Celtic wand
    Completely our own design this time
  • Raven wand
    Yet another unique wand design - a tribute to Ravenclaw
  • Shrunken head
    Yes, it was inspired by the Harry Potter movie too