Harak wand - not a usual wand

The inspiration came from the game Diablo this time

Pieces of the Harak wandWe have made several replica wands recently and a few of our own, but this is the first time we got the inspiration from a game. Diablo is an action role-playing video game. And because it is a game, everything have to be big to make it visible on the screen. The wands in the game are usually big - at least half a meter according to our estimate. To print a wand this size is a big challange, so we decided to create a wand which resemble the atmosphere of the game, but not a replica - thus we made it smaller.

Head of the Harak wandAfter a bit of a research we concluded the main difference between the Harry Potter style wands and the Diablo style wands is the head. All Harry Potter wands have a simple rod - with some pattern ocassionally - but no head. The wands in the Diablo game almost always have a head. Different kind of heads. Some are simple, some are very complicated, but there is a head for all wands.

We decided to try a simple head first, just to make this experiment easier. But the head alone seemed very out of place, so we added a few rings to the rod as well. This pattern came from the game too, so it not just helps to compensate the head, but makes the design more Diablo style.

Harak wand paintedThe other difference is the color. While all wands in Harry Potter are brown or black the wands can have many colors in Diablo. Sometimes they even glow in red or purple. We cannot reproduce the glowing effect and we didn't want to choose an unusual color, so we decided to use a brown base color with some black and gray.

Harak wand finishedMost wands in the Diablo game don't have a handle, because they are so big you have to hold it in the middle anyway. Our wand is not that big, however, so we decided to break that rule of Diablo this time and make a handle to our wand.

So, what do you think? Could we grab the style of Diablo this time or shall we try harder?

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