When not to print

3D printing is not always the answer

Space organizer 3D printedWe have many hobbies aside from 3D printing and cooking is one of them. Thus we have many many different spices in our drawer which we need to organize somehow. And of course our first idea was to 3D print something for that.

We created a simple model for that and printed a few samples to try it out. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't using the space efficiently enough, so the organized spices couldn't fit into the drawer anymore.

Organizing spices is simpleThis is when we stepped back and tried to figure out how else we could manage the spices. And we came up with the solution to simply cut out circles from a piece of EVA foam which holds the jars in place. It works perfectly, uses the space efficiently and didn't need hours to finish.

Even though it didn't work for us you can still download our model if you wish.

You can download the models of this story below.

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