Decorative Tudor Rose Box

A different box this time

pieces glued together for the tudor boxWe found this beautiful tudor style box on Thingiverse.

We changed the way the model was printed on the original design, because we concluded with our lots of printing that printing flat models is much more stable and the result looks way better. So we changed the pieces a way to make the sides printable on their backs. It worked more or less - the front is beautiful on all sides, but we had a bit of a warping during the print.

tudor box with the lid onWe used a modified lid from Thingiverse, because that looked better.

tudor box paintedWe printed the roses separately and glued them onto the box just before we started to paint the box. The paint job was the usual. Base coats, several layers of acrylic paint and then finish in a few layers.

tudor box painted and openWe used the same axis system this time as with the box or the Monster book of monsters. However this time the lid cannot be opened more than displayed on this picture, because of the shape of the box.

close up picture of the design of the tudor boxTo highlight the design of the box we painted the base a of the box a little darker than the roses and other ornaments.

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