Valentine's dragon

Dragon with a heart - sort of

hearted dragon before paintingWe know it is only Christmas, but we already started to prepare for Valentine day. We found this dragon on Thingiverse almost a year ago, and we knew this will be a perfect thing to print for Valentine's day.

painted dragon with a heartThis was one of the first thing we printed with fine settings, which means the thickness of the layers are only 0.1mm, about a month ago. We wrote a short article about it back then. Now, we have finished the painting process as well.

painted dragon - side viewThis thing is a first one in another aspect too: we used model paint to paint this one and could save applying the time consuming base layer. The result is better than we ever expected although the layers can be seen it is not at all disturbing. Of course, when we switch to print from ABS, this problem will be solved too.

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