Articles of dragon

Valentine's dragon

Dragon with a heart - sort of

painted dragon with a heart

We know it is only Christmas, but we already started to prepare for Valentine's day.

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2013. 12. 23

White printing

Dragons printed from white filament

dragon twins

We have had lots of problems with the white filament in the past, but we ran out of the gold one and had to try it again.

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2013. 11. 03

Dragon door-knocker

It took us a while to design, print and paint, but it looks stunning. The only problem it does not knock...

knocker after the paint job was done

We found a dragon model some time ago and after lots of designing we made a door knocker from it.

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2013. 05. 29

Pet dragon

A dragon and a chest - early printing

pet dragon after the paint

When we found this cute dragon on Thingiverse we knew we had to print it. It is one of our earliest printing.

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2013. 03. 03

On sale