Finally we printed something new

Computer front fan holder

the printed holderOur home server - which we use for the 3D printing too - has a slight heat problem. Nothing serious, but we thought a little extra cooling would help to increase the life expectancy of the machine. We made several design, but first we printed the simplest one. We didn't think it will fit the first try, but it did. Even with the serious warping on the corners you can spot on the picture as well.

the fan in work - printing in progressIt was not too hard to put it into its place. The fit is not perfect, we didn't expect to, but acceptable. Although the look is not perfect, it did help to reduce the temperature inside the server by 5 degrees! Actually it is more than we expected.

The only drawback we see so far is that the PLA is not so heat resistant and started to be a bit softer than usual. It doesn't affect the structure itself, but the PLA starts deforming around 50 Celsius. Fortunately our server is not that hot, but if we want to sell something like this, we should print it from ABS.

You can download the models of this story below.

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