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We didn't forget to make it

remembrall painted and assembled

A perfect gift for a forgetful spouse.

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2015. 10. 06

Big wand display

We made several new wands recently - we need a bigger display to show them

display with wands

With our new wands we made we needed a bigger display. And this display is very different than our first one.

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2015. 05. 03

Cake plate from a glass rotating plate

Fast prototyping in action - 24 hours between the idea and the product

cake plate

We found this rotating plate in the cupboard - this is the story how we changed it into a nice cake plate.

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2014. 12. 15

JavaSCAD - transformations

How can you change the primitives

JavaSCAD logo

As we described in the last article, only the primitive types generate any output in JavaSCAD. Now, let's see how we can modify the primitives with transformations.

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2014. 12. 02

JavaSCAD - primitives

A few words about the primitive 3D types and their methods

JavaSCAD logo

In JavaSCAD only the primitive types generate any visible object. Everything you want to see should be a primitive type - however it cutted, scaled or translated any other way.

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2014. 12. 02

JavaSCAD - getting started

The first steps with the framework

JavaSCAD logo

There are only a few things you should do to be able to work with JavaSCAD.

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2014. 08. 31


Our little model generator framework

JavaSCAD logo

After we had been using OpenSCAD for months and learnt its limitations we decided we should write something which helps creating complex models. Our obvious choice was Java, because both of us are expert Java developers and the cross-platform support for Java is ideal to generate code for the equally cross-platform OpenSCAD.

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2020. 01. 03

A useful box

A box to store stickers

box painted open

We are a big sticker collector, so we needed a nice box to store the stickers.

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2014. 04. 25

Finally we printed something new

Computer front fan holder

the fan in work - printing in progress

Our home server - which we use for the 3D printing too - has a slight heat problem. Nothing serious, but we thought a little extra cooling would help to increase the life expectancy of the machine.

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2014. 03. 20

House model

And now something totally different

full model

We are planning to build a passive house and we are actively using the 3D printer to test our ideas.

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2014. 01. 04

Yet another shelf

We have lots of spices - we need lots of shelves

painted shelf

After our very successful gothic shelf we still need shelves for our spices!

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2013. 05. 12

Spice shelf

Spice shelf is made

assembled gothic shelf

It is a common mistake that a 3D printer can only print things for decoration - that's not true. The result of the printing is quite durable and strong. To prove it (and to make space to store our spices) we designed and printed a shelf.

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2013. 03. 18

On sale