Printing a Smart Fortwo

Everyone makes jokes about printng a Smart - so here it is

Smart front When we found this model, we knew we have to print it, because we actually have a Smart Fortwo - and we love it. We fought a little with the model, because the slicer didn't want to slice it properly, but after some tries and failures we could slice it with an older version. This is the cause of the few errors of the resulting print: the old version leaves out some part of the outer layer in certain cases. But it is still better then the new version, which left out complete layers from the model...

Unfortunately we couldn't print the wheels yet, because the uneven printing we mentioned before, but it's not that urgent anyway, because we need time to paint this anyway. We'll paint it to black, because our Smart Fortwo is black - and we'll print another one so both of us will have one on our desk.

Smart headlight It can be seen clearly on this picture how the printer build the model: the model is made layer after layer. It is a very slow process, this model is about 10 centimetres long, but it had been printing for 7,5 hours. It made this our second longest printing time, but our longest print so far was much simpler.

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