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The first prints on heated bed

It seems we have to learn 3D printing again

shiny bottom layer

Now we have the first few prints on heated bed and of course the first few mistakes, too. We expected a few hiccups on the first few try, but we didn't expect to learn printing again.

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2013. 12. 10

Finally printing on heated bed!

After weeks of waiting and building our heated bed is ready

the first test print using the kapton tape

After more then a month of waiting the kapton tape has arrived. And now we have everything to fully use our printer with the heated bed. Hurray!

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2013. 12. 07

Upgrading our printer

Heated bed and other improvements

the heated bed

We are upgrading our printer right now by setting up a heated bed. This will help to print without the double sided tape and finally being able to print from ABS.

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2013. 11. 17

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