Happy Halloween

One year of printing

printing a pumpkinThe print itself went really well and without any problems. We had to use support for this print which we always try to avoid, because it makes the cleaning of the result harder.

the pumpking before it was paintedThe result looks good. It looked so good we printed two of it straight away.

a pair of painted pumpkinsAnd it looks even better painted. We used acrylic paint as usual, but we are thinking to switch to model paint, because model painting does not need base coat which would make the painting process much faster.

three printed pumpkinsWe started to print about a year ago and one of our first successful print was a pumpkin for Halloween - although we missed the date by several days. Looking back: it was a hard year for us, but we managed to reach to a point when a successful print is the normal. The most of our entries on this site is about our different prints and not about our failures and maintenances. It's a huge achievement. However we didn't expect that many problems when we started to build the 3D printer all those months ago!

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