Articles of gothic

Cake plate from a glass rotating plate

Fast prototyping in action - 24 hours between the idea and the product

cake plate

We found this rotating plate in the cupboard - this is the story how we changed it into a nice cake plate.

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2014. 12. 15

Yet another shelf

We have lots of spices - we need lots of shelves

painted shelf

After our very successful gothic shelf we still need shelves for our spices!

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2013. 05. 12

Hogwarts castle as a pet-house

Introducing our big-big 3D printing project

model of Hogwarts

This was one of the reasons for building the printer: we wanted to build a really good looking pet-house to our turtles. Lots of parts, lots of printing, lots of painting.

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2013. 03. 24

Spice shelf

Spice shelf is made

assembled gothic shelf

It is a common mistake that a 3D printer can only print things for decoration - that's not true. The result of the printing is quite durable and strong. To prove it (and to make space to store our spices) we designed and printed a shelf.

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2013. 03. 18

On sale